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  • About Tuyoo
  • Vacancies
  • E-mail for your CV: luli@tuyoogame.com
  • Founded in February 2013, Tuyoo Games is a leading developer and publisher in China’s fast growing interactive entertainment industry. With more than 10 million daily active users all over the world, our company has made a wide range of mobile games, including poker games, such as Tuyoo Landlord Poker, Tuyoo Mahjong, Дурак Новый, and Solitaire Tripeaks,casual games, such as Panda Cube Smash and Tuyoo Fishing Mania, puzzle games, such as Word Relax, and mid-core games, such as Three Kingdoms and Riddles, serving around 400 million users.  Recommended by mainstream App Stores, Tuyoo Games has over the years accumulated a considerable number of R&D patents, winning awards from widely-recognized professional communities and organizations. Headquartered in Beijing with branch offices located in Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi’an, and North America, our more than 600 employees are committed to developing high quality mobile games to empower and entertain players across the globe.


    Please send your CV to luli@tuyoogame.com
    Lead Interaction Designer
    1. According to product requirements, design reasonable interactive solutions to improve product quality from function and form;
    2. Cooperate with development and production, cooperate with art and program to launch interactive function development;
    3. Have a deep understanding of the game UE, be able to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the existing system and provide optimization scheme;
    4. Understand the idea and basic principles of interactive design, and apply them in practical work to ensure the quality of product interactive design;
    5. Be able to work well with the upstream and downstream positions, grasp the needs, and communicate design ideas to visual designers and programs.
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial design or interactive design is preferred, 3 years of experience in interactive design;
    2. Ability to analyze the recent interaction mode of globally popular games, and the optimized and improvement scheme of it can be formulated;
    3. Rich experience in game interaction design, complete follow-up of mature game project experience is preferred;
    4、 Have excellent communication ability and team cooperation ability, full of work passion, creative desire and sense of responsibility, can withstand high intensity of work pressure;
    5. Proficient in using Axure, Principle, Adobe XD and other related software, master the interface prototype, process, dynamic interaction design method.

    Workplace – Beijing
    Salary – negotiable
    Lead Numerical Designer
    1. Design and optimization of incentive systems such as currency, grade, equity, etc., to improve the conversion rate of user payment, the number of payers, user stickiness, and promote the continuous contribution of users;
    2. Revenue play demand investigation and design, creating more payment scenarios, plan and implement the revenue play methods, and be responsible for the commercial KPI;
    3. Analyze the characteristics of paying user groups based on data, investigate user value, improve the overall scale of paying users, and formulate effective consumption incentives
    1. At least 3 years working experience in game payment, experience in poker type of games is preferred;
    2. Keen, sensitive to new things, be good at tapping users and users' habits analytics;
    3. Strong executive ability, strong sense of responsibility, excellent sense of teamwork, able to adapt to challenging and stressful work.
    4. Have a certain international vision, be able to understand the behavior differences of people in different regional cultures, and make differentiated design.
    5. Bachelor degree or above, major in mathematics, statistics, computer, etc

    Workplace – Beijing
    Salary – negotiable
    Game Artist
    1.Responsible for art support for casual games, board games, etc.;
    2.Assist in completing the concept painting art task according to the descriptions and requirements;
    3.Responsible for the concept painting design of characters, scenes, icon props, etc.
    4.Responsible for the design of game animation and special effects in the product
    5.Responsible for game posters and drawing of poster related resources
    1.Art design related majors, skilled in drawing software such as Photoshop or Painter.
    2.At least 3 years’ experience in game concept painting related projects, good at all styles.
    3.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked
    4.Animation experience is preferred; game 2D art outsourcing work experience is preferred.
    5.Can quickly complete the concept painting and animation special effects design of a mobile game project.
    6.Love the game industry, initiative, responsible, able to work under pressure.
    7.Good communication and coordination skills and strong team spirit.
    8.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked

    Workplace – Beijing or remote
    Salary – negotiable
    Game Designer (casual games, match3, poker, slots)
    1.Using data analysis and an understanding of player behavior, work together with the live game team to drive amazing live content.
    2.Analyze, design and develop the execution plan on China live event/program/card packs.
    3.Implement the live event based on the execution plan.
    4.Identify and report any abnormal or unreasonable configures.
    5.Monitor the operations
    6.Work with QA to fix any bugs on live event/program/card packs.
    7.Communicate with live including PM/DA to facilitate the live event implementation.
    1.2-3 Years-experience in overseas games industry as game a designer.
    2.Live Ops experience on a live game.
    3.Communication skills, fluent in written/spoken English is preferred
    4.Exceptional attention to detail
    5.Passionate about creating compelling player experiences
    6.Ability to work independently with minimal supervision for each assigned task
    7.Great team work spirit and good production working habits.

    Workplace – Beijing or remote
    Salary – negotiable